Dive Better, Dive Safer: 101 Tips that'll make you a Pro  
You're a good diver. You could be better. Here's how.

Swimming Against a Current
You planned your dive to avoid swimming into a strong current. The current
switched, now what?  

Boat Smarts  
The unspoken rules of dive boat behavior can be confusing, to say the least.
Follow these tips to dive easy and look like a pro.

Buddy System Breakdown
Keeping your buddy by your side takes communication--before and during
the dive.  

6 Secrets of Buoyancy Control
Neutral buoyancy is a moving target. Here's how to hit it every time.  

Compass Navigation Made Easy
Our simplified method gets you back to the boat without the math.  

Deconstructing Decompression Sickness
One woman's firsthand account of DCS, with commentary from the DCS
experts at the Divers Alert Network.  

4 Reasons Divers Die
The bad news: DAN's annual report on dive accidents highlights four factors
common to fatal accidents. The good news: They're all preventable.  

Diving After DCS

Diving Impaired
Nitrogen narcosis and too much fun.  

10 Tips for Diving In Surge  
When the waves are rocking, don't come knocking. Follow these tips for
diving safely in surging water.  

How to Find a Buddy
Because when you've paid good money to dive, you don't want to be stuck
with the last loser standing.  

Find More Fish: Eight Divemaster Secrets
We asked professional fish finders for their tricks. Now the secrets of the
masters can be revealed.  

Finding Proper Trim
Balancing your ballast load is a crucial-but often overlooked-key to pinpoint
buoyancy control.

Your First Set of Gear - a Buyer's Guide
What you need to know, from head to toe, to get the gear that's right for you.  

Hidden Dangers
Have you grown complacent when it comes to dive safety? Here are eight
examples of how little mistakes can add up to big trouble.  

How Safe Is Your Dive Operator?
23 things to look for before you step aboard another dive boat.  

How To Stay Warm Underwater
The eight best ways to beat the chill on your next dive.  

Into the Deep End
Dangers multiply quickly in the bottom half of the recreational depth range.
Follow our tips to get there and back safely.  

Join Divers Alert Network (DAN)!

Five Things You Can Learn from Tech Divers  
You can make longer, deeper and safer dives by borrowing techniques from
scuba's cutting edge.  

Magic Gas?
Nitrox may benefit some divers on some dives, but is it for you? Get the facts
before you make the switch.

Night Skills
Not afraid of the dark, are you? Conquer your fear of night diving with our 12
essential rules for after-hours fun. Plus: Nine nights you'll never forget and
four lights you shouldn't dive without.

Never Panic Again
An underwater panic attack can be a life-threatening experience. Follow
these tips to keep it from happening.

Penetrating Questions
When diving a wreck, should you go inside? Not without proper training.

Rescue's Rewards
A rescue class can save your life and make you a better diver in the
Rescue Yourself
When you face unexpected problems underwater, no one is in a better
position to solve them than you are.    

Seven Secrets For Safer Diving
How to double your safety and practice important skills. Bonus: you waste no
time, no air.  

Take a Friend, Share the Fun
How to make your own dive buddy--from scratch.

Should You Go Solo?
It may be your ticket to underwater freedom.  

Swept Away
What to do when you surface down current from the dive boat.  

Teaching Kids to Snorkel
When and where should I begin teaching my kids?

No-Hassle Night Diving
10 tips for diving after dark.  

18 Ways To Use Less Air
Use these secrets of the air-sippers to stretch your next tank.  

What's the Vis Today?
The answer to diving's age-old question can change every minute. Here's
why you can't trust the brochures, the dive guide or your own eyes.  
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