Dive In! Get involved in events in your community.
Your involvement can make a big difference.

• Don’t Use Chemically Enhanced Pesticides and Fertilizers.
Although you may live thousands of miles from a coral reef
ecosystem, these products end up in the watershed and may
ultimately impact the waters that support coral.

• Be An Informed Consumer. Consider carefully the coral
objects that you buy for decoration. Many reef
souvenirs are unsustainably or illegally harvested.

• Ask Your Waiter. Choose seafood from those fisheries and
fish farms that have the least impact on the ocean and its

• Pump It - Don’t Dump It! Use sewage pumpout facilities and
biodegradable bilge cleaner. Never discharge bilge water at
the reef.

• Use Reef Mooring Buoys or anchor in sandy areas away
from coral and seagrasses so that anchor, chain, and line do
not contact or damage coral or seagrasses.

• Know Before You Go! Carry and use nautical charts and
know the draft of your vessel. If you run aground: STOP! Do
not try to motor off. Wait until high tide to remove the vessel.
Call for assistance when necessary.

• Avoid Wildlife Disturbance. Stay 100 yards or more offshore;
keep speed, noise, and wakes to a minimum near

• Dive Responsibly. Coral-friendly divers have good buoyancy
control. The lightest touch with hands or equipment can
damage sensitive coral polyps or remove the protective
mucus layer.

• To avoid contact with the ocean bottom, divers
should only use the weight needed and practice
proper buoyancy control. Areas that appear empty
may support new growth if left undisturbed.

• Avoid wearing gloves and touching or collecting
marine life. Some species, such as queen conch and
cushion sea star are protected, and cannot be taken.
How You Can Help Protect the Coral Reef Ecosystem
What you do (or don’t do) can make a difference
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