All precautions should be taken to avoid decompression illness, but if illness is suspected the
hospital staffs in the Keys are very experienced with diagnosing and treating it.  Divers
suspecting decompression illness should seek medical attention immediately at one of the
Keys hospitals The staff at these facilities know how to diagnose and treat the condition. If
necessary, they will transfer patients to one of two decompression facilities in the Keys. The
U.S. Military operates a decompression chamber in Key West. The more-often used facility is
located in the Upper Keys at Mariner's Hospital

In an emergency, dial 911 from any phone in the Florida Keys.

In an emergency, dial 911 from any Florida Keys land or cellular phone. In case of a boating
emergency, dial 911 or contact the United States Coast Guard, via Channel 16, on a marine
VHF radio.

The Keys have three well-equipped hospitals, but in some severe emergencies patients are
airlifted to facilities on mainland Florida:
Upper Keys
Mariner's Hospital
Phone: 305-434-3000
Mile Marker 91.5, Tavernier
Middle Keys
Fishermen's Hospital
Phone: 305-743-5533
Mile Marker 48.7, Marathon
Lower Keys and Key West
Lower Keys Medical Center
Phone: 305-294-5531
5900 College Road , Stock Island

Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 305-289-2430

Key West Police Department
Phone: 305-809-1111
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